Il y a vraiment de quoi désespérer de l’Occident…

Let them in

Ils ont déjà oublié le 11 septembre…
De plus cette américaine est islamophile parce qu’elle ignore le racisme du Coran :

“I have Muslim friends. Beautiful, kind hearted and smart girls. I sat in history classes and learned about how Jewish discrimination started off with them and now bans are being implemented and registers are being discussed over their religion. I sat in religious education and learned about their religion, about how important it was to give back to those less fortunate, about the importance of self-purification. At a school with such a large Muslim student body I saw first hand the importance of tolerance and the hurt that racism can cause. I can safely say that I don’t see people by their colour, I don’t ask their religion or their sexuality and even if I find it out I would never allow it to alter the way I view or felt about that person. Being Bhuddist doesn’t make you good, being Christian doesn’t make you better, and being Muslim certainly doesn’t make you bad, or a terrorist, or a threat to any body or country. ”

Et le verset 110 sourate 3 alors?
“110. Vous êtes la meilleure communauté, qu’on ait fait surgir pour les hommes. Vous ordonnez le convenable, interdisez le blâmable et croyez à Allah. Si les gens du Livre croyaient, ce serait meilleur pour eux, il y en a qui ont la foi, mais la plupart d’entre eux sont des pervers.”
Les musulmans affirment qu’être musulman vous rend supérieur aux non musulmans…

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